Global Call 2023, Beijing

Global Call 2023, Beijing

UNIDO ITPO Beijing hosted the Global Call 2023 Award Ceremony at the Shanghai International Import Expo under the theme “Clean and Smart Energy for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development”. At the Global Call 2023, institutions with innovative solutions to address global challenges in the following sub-categories, including ‘Green Hydrogen’, ‘Energy Efficiency’, and 'Clean Energy Innovation’, were selected and awarded. Approximately 300 institutions from 60 countries engaged in Global Call 2023, 88.5% of which were situated in developing countries.
Global Call 2023 Theme
Clean and Smart Energy for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development
Host Entity

Category 1

Green Hydrogen - Green hydrogen production (including “super green” hydrogen production)
- Green hydrogen in manufacturing
- Green hydrogen in transportation
- Green hydrogen storage and integration into energy networks

Category 2

Energy Efficiency - Digital solutions for energy efficiency
- Secure and efficient energy network (including decentralized energy system)
- Energy efficiency improvements in industry, construction, and homes
- Industrial design and commercialization of energy efficient products

Category 3

Clean Energy Innovation - Renewable energy development and application
- Fuel cell innovation
- Clean energy storage, transportation, and load shifting
- Climate resilience of energy systems
Jury Members
  • Supee Teravaninthorn

    Supee Teravaninthorn

    Asian Infrastructure
    Investment Bank (AIIB) / Special Advisor
  • Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

    Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

    UNIDO / Chief
  • Juan Pablo Davila

    Juan Pablo Davila

    UNIDO / Senior Industrial Development Officer
  • Yabin WU

    Yabin WU

    UNIDO ITPO Beijing / Head
  • Ayfer Veziroglu

    Ayfer Veziroglu

    International Association for
    Hydrogen Energy / CFO
  • Xiaolong FU

    Xiaolong FU

    Beijing Tsinghua Industrial
    R&D Institute / Deputy Director
  • Yuzhen LIN

    Yuzhen LIN

    Research Institute of Aero-Engine
    of Beihang University / Professor
  • Yongping ZHAI

    Yongping ZHAI

    Tencent / Senior Advisor
  • Jie WANG

    Jie WANG

    Schneider Electric / Vice President
  • Wei WEI

    Wei WEI

    Jiangsu Guofu Hydrogen Energy
    Equipment Co, LTC / Co-founder
Global Call 2023 Winners List
  • Green Hydrogen Grand Prize

    xi'an 1908 new energy technology co. ltd

  • Energy Efficiency Grand Prize

    Lenovo Group

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  • Clean Energy Innovation Grand Prize

    Mayu (Beijing) new energy tech co. ltd

* Thirty-seven other institutions received awards such as the First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize, and Special Awards at the Global Call 2023

Global Call 2022, Shanghai

Global Call 2022, Shanghai

UNIDO ITPO Shanghai hosted the Global Call 2022 Award Ceremony at the Hongqiao International Central Business District in Shanghai under the theme “Green Technology and Solutions towards Net-Zero". Global Call 2022 played a significant role in discovering innovative companies to address the issues in the following four sub-categories, which are: ‘Medical & Health(MH)’, ‘Green Growth(GG)’, ‘Advanced Digital Production(ADP)’, and ‘Agriculture & Food(AF)’.
Global Call 2022 Theme
Green Technology and Solutions towards Net-Zero
Host Entity

Category 1

Green Growth(GG): Solutions for building resilient green manufacture cycle - Efficient and clean utilization of fossil energy/clean energy/energy storage and carbon neutrality application by digital technology

Category 2

Advanced Digital Production(ADP): Advanced digital solutions for net-zero infrastructures and facilities - Promoting industrial design and manufacturing efficiency solutions embedded with digital technology, solutions to optimize the green-energy assets with digital technology, digital technology application to empower regional emergency governance

Category 3

Agriculture & Food(AF): Solutions for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and efficiency increase in agriculture & food - Green recycling of agricultural by-products and waste, greenhouse gas emission reduction solution, solution for green food transportation and distribution, green food packaging solutions, innovative green organic food

Category 4

Medical & Health(MH): Solutions for sustainable management of medical and bio waste - Innovative solutions to set up the feasible and efficient way to reach the sustainable management of medical and bio waste
Jury Members
  • James George

    James George

    UNDP / Deputy Resident Representative for China
  • Yong Geng

    Yong Geng

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    / Chair Professor
  • Bankole Oloruntoba

    Bankole Oloruntoba

    Nigeria Climate Innovation Center
    / CEO
  • Sara Roversi

    Sara Roversi

    Future Food Institute / Founder and President
  • Weihing Yang

    Weihing Yang

    KTH-Royal Institute of
    Technology / Senior Researcher
  • Hashim Hussein

    Hashim Hussein

    UNIDO ITPO Bahrain / Head
  • Xiaolei Zhao

    Xiaolei Zhao

    UNIDO ITPO Shanghai / Head
  • Hideki Murakami

    Hideki Murakami

    UNIDO ITPO Japan / Deputy Head
Participation Ratio by Institution Type for the Global Call 2022

    Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) 45%

    Large Companies 28%

    Start-ups 22%

    Others 5%

Global Call 2022 Winners List
  • Green Growth Category

    Shanghai MS Energy

    Homepage >
  • Electric Container Vessel, Box Power and Port Charging and Switching Network from COSCO Shipping Development

    Homepage >
  • Advanced Digital Production: Advanced digital solutions for net-zero infrastructures and facilities

    eeaser GmbH

    Homepage >
  • Solstice® from Honeywell (China) Co Ltd.

    Homepage >
  • Agriculture & Food Category

    Tianzhu Textile

    Homepage >
  • O⬝PARK2 from the China State Construction International

    Homepage >
  • Medical & Health Category

    Bertin Technologies Group

    Homepage >
Global Call 2021, Germany

Global Call 2021, Germany

UNIDO ITPO Germany hosted the Global Call 2021 themed “Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management” at Remscheid’s Teo Otto Theater, Germany. In the Global Call 2021, award-winning institutions successfully demonstrated their innovative technologies and ideas to solve global problems within four sub-categories: ‘Decarbonized Green Urban Environment Growth,’ ‘Clean and Efficient Energy Production and Storage’, ‘Circular Production and Industrial Processes’, and ‘Sustainable Land Management’.
Global Call 2021 Theme
Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Development
Host Entity

Category 1

Decarbonizing growing urban environments - Solutions for decarbonizing growing urban environments by addressing the demands and distribution of water, agricultural, energy, mobility and other resources
- Solutions for areas that are vulnerable to climate change (e.g. coastal areas)

Category 2

Clean and efficient energy generation and storage - Solutions for generating and distributing energy in a clean and smart way, especially affordable and decentralized renewable energy solutions that are applicable in developing countries

Category 3

Circular production and industrial processes - Solutions related to the re-use, re-cycling and re-manufacturing of resources
- Energy and process efficiency solutions
- Smart approaches for more climate-cautious consumption

Category 4

Sustainable land management - Solutions for productive lands, including new technologies and approaches to production with a demonstrable positive contribution to soil health, land rehabilitation and combating desertification.
Jury Members
  • Luise Baker

    Luise Baker

    UNCCD / Managing Director
  • Andrea Camponogara

    Andrea Camponogara

    UNFCC / TEC Liaison Officer
  • Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

    Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

    UNIDO / Chief
  • Abimbola Wycliffe

    Abimbola Wycliffe

    UNIDO ITPO Nigeria / Head
  • Rolf Steltemeier

    Rolf Steltemeier

    UNIDO ITPO Germany / Head
  • Xiaolei Zhao

    Xiaolei Zhao

    UNIDO ITPO Shanghai / Head
Participation Ratio by Institution Type for the Global Call 2021

    Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) 40%

    Large Companies 4%

    Start-ups 47%

    Others 9%

Global Call 2021 Winners List
  • Decarbonizing growing urban environments Category

    RUNWITHIT Synthetics Inc.

    Homepage >
  • Clean and efficient energy generation and storage


    Homepage >
  • Circular production and industrial processes

    Polycare Research Technology GmbH & Co. KG

    Homepage >
  • Sustainable land management

    Zhejiang Chint New Energy Development Co., Ltd.

    Homepage >
Global Call 2020, Italy

Global Call 2020, Italy

UNIDO ITPO Italy hosted the initial Global Call event, themed “Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs. COVID-19 and Beyond”, to identify innovative ideas and technologies to combat the pressing issue of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the Global Call 2020 Award Ceremony was coordinated online. Global Call 2020 selected winning institutions from four sub-categories: ‘Energy and Environment’, ‘Food and Agriculture’, ‘Health Emergency’, and ‘Resilient Industries and Infrastructure’. Twelve jury members consisting of the experts of the field were engaged in the selection process.
Global Call 2020 Theme
Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs. COVID-19 and beyond
Host Entity

Category 1

Energy and Environment - Medical waste management and recycling
- Renewable energy for health-care
- Water management

Category 2

Food and Agriculture - Smart food logistics and Distribution
- Urban farming
- Inclusive local market ecosystem

Category 3

Health Emergency - Telemedicine
- Biotechnologies and digital health
- Prevention and control

Category 4

Resilient Industries and Infrastructure - Manufacturing of protective and medical equipment
- Distributed networks and fabrication laboratories
- New organizational model
Jury Members
  • Diana Battaggia

    Diana Battaggia

    UNIDO ITPO Italy / Head
  • Hyundong Cho

    Hyundong Cho

    UNIDO ITPO Korea / Head
  • Sergey Korotkov

    Sergey Korotkov

    UNIDO ITPO Russia / Head
  • Marisa Marini

    Marisa Marini

    World Manufacturing Foundation
    / COO
  • Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

    Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

    UNIDO / Chief
  • Rolf Steltemeier

    Rolf Steltemeier

    UNIDO ITPO Germany / Head
  • Cecilia Ugaz Estrada

    Cecilia Ugaz Estrada

    UNIDO / Chief Advisor
  • Yabin Wu

    Yabin Wu

    UNIDO ITPO Beijing / Head
  • Xiaolei Zhao

    Xiaolei Zhao

    UNIDO ITPO Shanghai /Head
Participation Ratio by Institution Type for the Global Call 2020

    Start-ups 36%

    SMEs and large companies 26%

    Universities 13%

    Research Institutions 5%

    Incubators 2%

    Others 18%

Global Call 2020 Winners List
  • Energy and Environment Category

    EcoWorth Tech

    Homepage >
  • Food and Agriculture Category


    Homepage >
  • Health Emergency Category

    Indoor real-time dynamic air and object surface disinfection

  • ECO4CO

    Homepage >
  • Resilient Industries and Infrastructure Category


    Homepage >